Sunday, September 30, 2007

these are people
in the super wide angle lens
they come out subways
flies swarming by thousands
over rotten meat
exposed to a decaying sun
figures stooped over
climbing stairs
each with a briefcase
crossing streets
in every direction

these are people
adjusting antennas
on millions TV sets
catching up
to what the world has done
waiting for an endless game
a wheel of fortune
just any game
for there are never enough
games to be played
scores to keep

there are the rhythms
flipping over days
trains from uptown to downtown
commuting to suburbia
people reading sport news
stock reports
leaving military experts
to keep the globe in check
for the benefits
of the thousands the millions
swarming over rotten meat
abandoned dogs waiting
for the remaining bones left over

Aldo Tambellini
from 'brainscan 90'

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