Tuesday, August 12, 2008

D Green Line
14 September 2008

No smoking
Sold out laughing
Take your mother
Transit Project
The destination of this train is
Put the phone to her
I just got off now
Reading a book
Stroking her hair
My mother always says
It’s not easy to
Stop requested
There is a passenger hugging his bag
Flower, Worldvision, North
Next Stop: Brookline Hills, Safety, Celeb
It makes your life so much easier
Ring bell for all stops
Enter, exit
Next stop: Beaconsfield
Magenta umbrella, purple dress, shoes, man in suit, Shopaholic,
Talking on the telephone
Lopsided images
Transparent, parents, parenthesis
Caution: Door Swings Open

Zayde Buti

Fenway Station
8 September, 2008

Tattoo leg and two girls—
Freckles everywhere
“…it was actually really cool…”
You have to bring everyone I know
Except for…
I dropped blood
Went in sideways
“I ain’t gon’ stifle myself, bitch!”

Zayde Buti

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